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The Workshop Ebinger was founded in the 1960 by Lies and Heinz Ebinger.

Lies Ebinger graduated as a creramics painter after her study at the school of applied arts in Offenbach and worked in ceramics manufactures in Höhr-Grenzhausen. Heinz Ebinger got to know persian ceramics of with an age between 5000 and 8000 years while excavation work in connection with his study of archaeology.
He was fascinated that these ceramics, even after such a long time, still were perferctly preserved and expecially still were colored. He changed his way then and studied ceramics engeneering in Arzberg.

1962 Lies and Heinz Ebinger bought the former pit house and the belonging ground at the "Lindenbach2" in Bad Ems, Germany, first developed the main building and build further production-buildings in the seventies and eighties. The result was a production area that absolutely fits the needs of the company.

After the production of pots in the beginning, Heinz Ebinger realised his dream of the production of completely hand-crafted floor and wall tiles at the beginning of the seventies, inspired by the ancious persian architectual ceramics, the italien, spain and arabic hand-crafted tiles and in the meantime already growing market for individual arts and architectural ceramics.