„Ebinger is the best ceramist of the world“ - This quotation from the artist, nature and human friend Friedensreich Hundertwasser describes the long-standing and fruitful cooperation between Hundertwasser and the workshop Ebinger best.

1984, at the beginning of the first Hundertwasser-architecture-project, the artist found a wide range of craft know-how and a broad color-spectrum of glazes at Ebingers to realise his architectural visions. In over two decades so world-famous projects originated in Europe, USA, Japan and New Zealand like for example the "Hundertwasserhaus" in Vienna or the incinerator in Osaka - Japan.

The theme-village in Bad Blumenau - Austria and the winery "Stags Leap" in California.

Even a lot of projects in Germany, the railway-station in Uelzen, the Martin-Luther-High-School in Wittenberg and also apartment buildings in Bad Soden, Darmstadt, Plochingen and Magdeburg have aquired celebrity. The list is long because hundertwasser developed over 40 architectural projects.

Even after the death of Hundertwasser authorized Hundertwasser-architectures are planned and build by his friend, manager and administrator Joram Harel.
The ceramics of the workshop Ebinger-Schnaß are also in the future accounting for a significant proprtion of the typical appearance.


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